Superbowl Square Tickets
About event

Here is your chance to support the Cleveland Crusaders and Win Some money.

Squares Cost $25/Each

1st Quarter Score Winner $250*

End of 2nd Quarter Score Winner $250*

End of 3rd Quarter Score Winner $250*

Final Score Winner $500*

* Pay out will be reduced by $0.25 for every Open Square.  – If an open square is the winner the winning amount will roll over to the next payout  – If there is an open space is the Final Score Winner. The first numbers will be used in the case of a single digit the only digit will remain in use. – If no winner after that. Numbers will be drawn at random for the final Score winner.


Squares Table will be randomly Generated. And Posted to Our Social Medias the Day of the Superbowl. Payouts will be issued within 1 week of Superbowl.