2024 Cleveland Crusaders Officers

The following are the results of the voting and appointment of the officers of the club.

  • President – Chris Fischer
  • Vice President – Scott Michaelis
  • Secretary – John Kearns (Appointed after winner was appointed to Social Chair)
  • Treasure – Brad Sekas
  • Lead Social Media Officer – Alex Dine
  • Match Secretary – Mark Vivani
  • Field Manager – Jason Reed
  • Social Chair – Jason “Ninja” Mercier (Appointed after winner declined the appointment)
  • Recruiting Chair – John Strasshofer
  • Beach Tournament Chair – Terry Kilbane

The final results offer some Stability with several of the previous years officers maintaining there role. These Include President, VP, Match Secretary, Field Manage, and Social Chair.

With 2 Member have shifted Roles Alex Dine was on the Social Media Team last reay he as moved up into the lead roll . While John Strasshofer has moved from secretary to Recruiting Chair. A Position that the club feels he is well suited for.

Then we have the new members to the officers body, Brad Sekas Has assumed the Role of Treasure, John Kearns has assumed the role of Secretary, While Terry Kilbane returns to the officers body to the new position of Beach Tournament Chair.

Board of Directors

A Board of Directors was formed in place of the Board of Trustee that were in our bylaws. the goal of this body is to help provide direction for the club long term, help forming old boy relationships in the Cleveland area, and provide guidance to the Officer during decision making.  The Full By laws of the board can be found here.   BOD By-Laws

The current members of the Board Include

  • Brandon Wolfe
  • Derek Imes
  • Tony Vegh
  • Brian White
  • Patrick Rahill
  • Andy Simons
  • Steve Burke

Board Members terms are 3 years and minimum 2 spots will be up for Election each year at the AGM